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    344247 - Insanity

    Insanity is a full body work out that has modifiers which makes it easy for all skill levels to participate and complete. Whether you are looking to lose a couple of pounds or to challenge yourself, this program can help accomplish any goal.

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    Read Notice344247-03Insanity03/04/19 - 04/13/19VariesVariesVariesItem DetailsUnavailable

    344257 - Hitting the Funny Bone

    Biomedical engineering, a new emerging field of engineering, deals with the application of engineering principles and design concepts to medicine and biology for healthcare purposes. Closing the gap between engineering and life sciences, this is an exciting intersection of two classic industries: health and mechanical engineering. Participants will explore the skeletal system of the human body. While learning about bone function, joints, fractures, participants will design their own cast and lower leg weight bearing prosthetic utilizing the engineering design.
    The objective of the Hitting the Funny Bone is to understand how engineering concepts are used in life sciences. It allows participants to understand the concepts of mechanical engineering and healthcare at the same time and how do these two fields interact together in biomedical engineering.

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    Read Notice344257-02Hitting the Funny Bo03/02/19 - 03/30/19 1:00P - 2:00PSaSeven Oaks ParkItem DetailsCancelled

    444257 - Motion Commotion

    Goal is to build strong understanding and expertise about the field of Physics. Understand how Force and Motion interact to make things move the way they do. This program provides a great foundation for Robotics where we build Robots that move. Provide many hands-on activities to help participants understand these concepts

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    Add to Cart444257-02Motion Commotion Jul07/06/19 - 07/27/19 1:00P - 2:00PSaSeven Oaks ParkItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart444257-03Motion Commotion Aug08/03/19 - 08/31/19 1:00P - 2:00PSaSeven Oaks ParkItem DetailsAvailable

    534223 - Pop Pilates

    Don't miss out on this popular class! Sessions run monthly.

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    Read Notice534223-06Pop Pilates06/01/19 - 06/30/19 9:00A - 10:00ATu, ThCrooked Creek ParkItem DetailsUnavailable

    534242 - Line Dancing

    This group dance class is a great way for people to get moving and have fun. Participants do not need a partner. Class will meet one time per week for 60 minutes. Class will meet for 6 consecutive weeks.

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    Read Notice534242-60LineDance Daily 6/406/04/19 - 06/04/19 7:30P - 8:30PTuCrooked Creek ParkItem DetailsUnavailable

    544241 - Aerobics with Body Sculpting

    This class incorporates Pilates, body sculpting and yoga techniques for a comprehensive work out. Students may bring their own small hand weights if desired to increase effectiveness. Benefits: weight loss, increased cardiovascular health, improve self esteem, socialization.

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    Read Notice544241-01Aerobics03/04/19 - 04/10/19 5:30P - 6:30PM, WSeven Oaks ParkItem DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice544241-04Aerobics04/22/19 - 05/29/19 5:30P - 6:30PM, WSeven Oaks ParkItem DetailsUnavailable
    Add to Cart544241-05Aerobics06/10/19 - 07/17/19 5:30P - 6:30PM, WSeven Oaks ParkItem DetailsAvailable
    Read Notice544241-06Aerobics07/23/18 - 08/29/18 5:30P - 6:30PM, WSeven Oaks ParkItem DetailsUnavailable
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