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    639131 - Readers & Writers Theatre Camp

    Participants will learn the basics of script writing and reading expression and fluency to convey the feelings and emotions of characters. The program will culminate in a performance written and designed by the participants. At the end of camp, students will see the connection of reading and writing with plays, movies, and other media. Instructors will also work to help improve kids’ reading and writing abilities in a fun non-threatening atmosphere. Participants will read a variety of roles and interpret characters feelings through their actions and words; write a short script to support a larger performance; and play games to build relationships with peers and to promote creativity.This camp meets for 3 hours per day Monday-Thursday for 2 consecutive weeks.

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    Add to Cart639131-00Readers & Writers Th07/15/19 - 07/25/19 9:00A - 12:00PM-ThCrooked Creek ParkItem DetailsAvailable

    639133 - Theatre Audtions

    Join one of our Children's Theatre directors in this fast-paced auditions camp where participants will work on all areas of a professional audition. This camp is perfect for for all skill levels!

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    Add to Cart639133-HSAdutions Middle/High08/05/19 - 08/09/19 6:00P - 7:00PM-FCrooked Creek ParkItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart639133-MSAdutions Intermed/El08/05/19 - 08/09/19 5:00P - 6:00PM-FCrooked Creek ParkItem DetailsAvailable

    639134 - Improv Theatre Camp

    Our Children's Theatre Director Aurora Gastright will take kids on a fun journey pushing the boundaries on their acting. Participants will participate in games and activities that will make them think and respond quickly, and work within a team.

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    Add to Cart639134-00Improv Theatre Camp07/15/19 - 07/19/19 1:00P - 3:00PM-FCrooked Creek ParkItem DetailsAvailable

    639135 - Technical Theatre Camp

    Kids will learn what it takes to run a show behind the scenes and the different jobs involved back stage. They will learn set design including scenic painting, costuming and props, as well as lighting and sound design. Camp meets at Crooked Creek Park in Chapin on Monday, Thursday, and Friday; Tuesday and Wednesday will be at the Harbison Theatre at Midlands Techincal College in Irmo.

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    Add to Cart639135-00Technical Theatre07/29/19 - 08/02/19 2:00P - 4:00PM-FCrooked Creek ParkItem DetailsAvailable

    639140 - Junior Robotics

    How would you like to turn your next LEGO®creation into a robot, programmed to do exactly what you tell it to do? The Bricks 4 Kidz new Junior Robotics camp offers all the fun of building with LEGO® bricks, PLUS the challenge of computer programming! Using drag-and-drop icon-based software, WeDo software provides an introduction into the world of computer-programming and robotics that will equip children to succeed in a technology-based marketplace. This fun, action-packed week combines real-life skills with real-kid fun!
    LEGO® is a registered trademark of the LEGO® Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse these programs.

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    Add to Cart639140-00Junior Robotics07/08/19 - 07/12/19 9:00A - 12:00PM-FCrooked Creek ParkItem DetailsAvailable

    639141 - Pocket Brick Monsters

    Get ready for an adventure in the world of Pokémon®! Capture wild Pokémon® creatures and train them for battle. Improve your accuracy and power as you learn new moves and use special abilities. Tap into your inner engineer as we build Dratini, Pikachu, Poké Balls, and more. Bring your own Pokémon® trading cards if you wish to play and trade at the end of each day. Show off your skills as you battle for power in your journey through the Pokémon® universe. Do you have what it takes to become a Pokémon® Master?
    Pokémon © 2002-2014 Pokémon. © 1995-2014 Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc. TM, ® and Pokémon character names are trademarks of Nintendo.

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    Add to Cart639141-00Pocket Brick Monster07/08/19 - 07/12/19 1:00P - 4:00PM-FCrooked Creek ParkItem DetailsAvailable

    639142 - Jr. Robotics/Pocket Brick Comb

    This is a combination of the morning Junior Robotics camp and the afternoon Pocket Brick Monster camp. Campers will need to bring their lunch each day, as well as a morning and afternoon snack and waterbottle.

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    Add to Cart639142-00Pocket Brick/Robotic07/08/19 - 07/12/19 9:00A - 4:00PM-FCrooked Creek ParkItem DetailsAvailable

    639143 - Building is Awesome

    Do you think building is awesome? How about building with Emmet and Lucy? Then you won’t want to miss the Bricks 4 Kidz Building Is Awesome Camp! Join Emmet, Lucy, Unicorn Kitty and Benny on a journey to stop Bad Cop and Lord Business from super-gluing the world. Campers will put their engineering skills to work as they build motorized models, 3D figure models and mosaics. They’ll love playing fun games and doing cool crafts based on The LEGO® Movie and its sequel. Whether you take an imaginary ride on Metal Beard’s ship or Emmet’s double-decker couch, be sure to get on over to Bricks 4 Kidz where building is awesome!
    LEGO® is a registered trademark of the LEGO® Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse these programs

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    Add to Cart639143-00Building is Awesome07/15/19 - 07/19/19 9:00A - 12:00PM-FCrooked Creek ParkItem DetailsAvailable

    639144 - Mining & Crafting II

    Steve is jumping for joy as he introduces the newest members of his Minecraft® world. Whether or not your child has attended our first camp, reward them with the creativity and excitement this new camp has to offer. Campers will be challenged to bring their virtual designs to life by building new mob figures, mosaics and custom models, incorporating LEGO® Bricks. So, are you ready for the challenge?
    LEGO® is a registered trademark of the LEGO® Group of companies © 2009-2013. "Minecraft" is a trademark of Notch Development AB and Mojang which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse these programs

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    Add to Cart639144-00Mining & Crafting II07/15/19 - 07/19/19 1:00P - 4:00PM-FCrooked Creek ParkItem DetailsAvailable

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